Ditch The Resolutions.

Resolutions tend to lead to negative thoughts about your particular current situation, they are based on a destination or a “IF I” “If I did this, I would have that”.

This year, we are setting intentions. We are setting small, obtainable goals that will, eventually lead us to our destination. When you set an intention you are choosing to live more mindfully. They are something you can carry with you throughout the year.

A few of my intentions for the year are:

*Work hard but also take more downtown.

* Be able to distance myself better from situations that cause internal anxiety.

*Expand my knowledge and practice of holistic health and wellness.

*Consume Less, by that I mean consume less media, consume (and collect) less of things I don’t need. Consume less of people’s energy that causes internal unrest. 

*Understand needs over wants.

*Make my home a place of positivity.

There’s also some unmet wants and desires that I keep in mind when setting these intentions. They help me keep focus on the intentions because I’m consciously laying the ground work to achieve more.

What small intentions are you carrying with you this year?

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