iStroll, not a walk in the park!

iStroll is the ultimate 60 minute stroller workout made by athletes for parents. iStroll incorporates running, body weight, dumbbells, resistance bands and of course, a jogging stroller! It gives both moms and dads a full body workout while keeping babies moving and happy!

i​Stroll is more than a workout class, it is place to meet and make life long friends all the while developing a strong support group. At iStroll we understand that being parents with young children makes making friends and being social difficult. iStroll will do monthly get together, some events involving the kids and some that babysitters will need hiring.

Please check your local iStroll's Facebook page for a detailed calendar of events.



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iStroll is the most affordable stroller-based fitness business in the world. There's opportunity to make residual income. Our workouts are unparalleled. The constant guidance you will receive is unlike any other. Contact us today!

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