iStroll is for soon to be parents and parents with children young enough to sit in a stroller or old enough to sit on the side and watch or even participate.

Not at all. iStroll was developed to give everyone from beginners to advanced athletes a beneficial workout.

iStroll will provide resistance bands. We ask that you bring your own dumbbells, mat and water. The dumbbells should be a weight in which you are able to do high repetitions. Oh, and don’t forget the babes and jogging stroller!

At iStroll we have had infants as young as a couple weeks. Before you and your child participate, however, both should be cleared by a medical professional. 

Of course not. We understand that moms will more than likely be the primary participants but now that more dads are staying home with their kids, and some families often have odd, unpredictable work schedules we encourage both parents to come whenever they can, especially to our Saturday morning class!

Class will be held inside at a TBD location if the weather is too hot, too cold or it is lightening and thundering. If it’s a mild rain, we recommend using a jogging stroller weather shield. The indoor class location change will be found on the Class Schedule Page. Also check your local Facebook Page/Group for updates.

We encourage you to do what makes you comfortable! If your baby is crying and you want to comfort them, do it! If you want to push through the workout and help the baby at the end, no judgement there either.

That’s ok! Sometimes the children play nicely near by, or even participate
in the workout- which we love! But please remember, we do our best to be mindful of all the littles but at the end of the day, you are responsible of your child and their behavior and instructors are there to coach.

Sure, so long as they are not disruptive during class or put themselves in a position to get hurt. 

Let us know! Review us on our respected Facebook pages and even tell a fun, fit mom friend to start one or join you at class!

At iStroll we strive to please our iStroll families. If something ever happens that needs addressed, please write your location owner directly at iStroll(insert city)@gmail.com and/or iStrollLLC@gmail.com.


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