Virtual iStroll

iStroll is now VIRTUAL! The same hardcore workouts we do in cities throughout the US, but live via Zoom. They're recorded in case you missed class and once a week is followed with an after class activity for Moms and littles. Join this amazing group of women and get awesome results by allowing us to create a hands-on iStroll experience wherever you are!


Virtual iStroll is for iStrollers everywhere- past, present, and future. Offering 4 LIVE workouts, 1 after class event, and 1 challenge workout weekly for parents and littles that you can do wherever you are. If you can't participate, the video will be available for your later use!

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Work out for moms after baby

What’s included in iStroll Virtual?

What does an iStroll Virtual workout look like?

iStroll Virtual workouts are 45-60 minute HIIT inspired workout comprised of strength, agility, endurance, and speed while using a workout mat, dumbbells, and band.

Virtual workouts can be done outside or in the comfort of your own home – each workout has alternative, but equally challenging, movements.

Virtual workouts can still be done with your kiddo(s) in tow!

Who is iStroll Virtual for?

iStroll Virtual is for those who do not have an iStroll location nearby but would like the challenge and comradery of fellow moms, in the comfort of their home!

iStroll Virtual is for those looking to add to their fitness routine at home.

iStroll Virtual is for those of ALL abilities – each workout can be tailored to pregnancy, postpartum, injuries, etc. Workouts are created by certified fitness instructors with a wealth of knowledge and background in the fitness and wellness field.

iStroll Virtual is for those that want a progressive program based on each individual’s fitness goals and needs – no workout is the same. Each workout is 45-60 minutes in length and will be composed of strength, agility, endurance, speed HIIT workouts. You WILL be challenged in your own home, as we also can watch and tailor every workout to you!

iStroll Virtual is for the parents who want to be part of the ULTIMATE stroller workout community – a community of parents providing support, encouragement, and friendship to each other while creating health and wellness goals for themselves and their family.

What do I need?

Access to email and Zoom. 3 Weekly workouts hosted live and 1 Challenge on your own. Joining us live is most beneficial as we can personally guide you each step of the workout. Each workout is detailed in instruction.

- Equipment

Best Part? It’s only $39.99 a MONTH!

Ready to get started? Let’s do this together!